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Welcome to our new website!
Hello and welcome to our brand spanking new website! hopefully you can find your way around the site and will take a full understanding of it all, thanks.

Welcome to the home of L plates
well... this isn't our home as such its more of our, recruitment centre. our club is our home. we are a creative and serious team who like to allocation roles and positions on the field to people, this creates the creativeness and swift movement of the team to create the perfect attack and defence. we are a creative minded football club who are looking for players who are advancing, we are all advancing and become more and more better with the team and as individuals. the team is all about eachother, there is no you and I but there is a we! we can create the perfect chances we can become the perfect team.

So you want to join?
So hey you want to join? well not to worry it is only  few clicks away, first of all, all you need to do is ask. jump up to the members page and hit recruitment. enter your details and heck even tell us a little about yourself, the better we get to know you the easier it will be.

Forget a detail during your recruitment?
Not to worry just chuck any recruitment details about yourself (e.g position, playing style and heck even your name.) into the forum, there will be a little template for another chance to suggest a position role and your style.

Want to request a position change?
Once again not to worry, if your feeling down and a bit frustrated at your position, feel free to chuck a application into the forum for a position change and a few reasons why, and the managers will take notice and discuss whether to go ahead with the decision, but be aware that this club is a serious club, so the position that the managers have placed you in is opted to be the best and strongest position you can play. this helps the clubs play style be more stronger and create a more stronger defensive play.

What console do we play on?
We are a Xbox one based club

Is that everything needed to know so far? I hope so. if not jump over to the forum page and make a page, or feel free to ask around in the chat!

             L plates

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